“The best advertisement constitute satisfied clients”
-Philip Kotler-

We feel proud of our clients
Our clients' trust and support enlighten our business path. We work hard to provide outstanding service when helping our clients to achieve their goals. We consider their achievements as our own success and feel grateful for their support.
Success stories
”Querygo has helped us to change our approach to culture management, focusing our attention on people. QueryGo KPIs' are included in our management scorecard.”
Coral González — COO at Tecnatom

Querygo is based on most of our people opinions and valuations and avoids subjective comments from a few interested employees. Doing so, Querygo measures the consequences of our decisions and helps us to change trends. Querygo provides the visibility you lack when driving on a foggy day.

”In our situation, while facing a deep transformation of our business model, QueryGo helped us to measure how the company's strategy impacts on employees engagement.”
Jose Luis Renedo — CEO at Páginas Amarillas

Querygo easiness contributed to quick and smooth adoption by employees, which provided relevant insights, very valuable in digital transformation environments.

”Querygo is very helpful to manage culture and people as well as dealing with change management processes.”
Concha Almarza — General Manager Spain at IQVIA

It identifies and explains our professionals’ concerns and helps us to develop appropriate responses. QueryGo is a key element to develop people management models based on data; furthermore, it permits checking policies impacts almost in real-time.

”In 2018, we carried out a full operational test of QueryGo within a group of employees (sort of a Probe of Concept).”
Eduardo Paez — Digital HR Theme Leader at Cepsa

It was a great experience. We had magnificent interaction with Querygo Team, which provided quick and clear responses to any doubt or question. Furthermore, Querygo was very sensitive to our demands to customise its platform.
As a result, we obtained a great insight into which variables better explain employees commitment. We also were greatly surprised by participants satisfaction and support. To conclude, Querygo provides tools and services to help companies to implement a Data-Driven philosophy in people management.

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What makes organisations different is the people who are part of them.
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