QueryGo Academy

A training experience with a real impact on the organization.
Social skills training creates better leaders and more productive teams

After years of analyzing the main indicators related to employee experience, we have identified the following key aspects:

  • Communication is the common thread of company actions and strategies.
  • Managers and middle managers play the leading role in people management.
  • The human factor is key in change management success.
  • Diversity generates value in companies.
Why Querygo Academy?
Having fun learning is the key to having a good training experience

Each program has been developed with a focus on the 4 challenges: communication, resistance management, leadership style for periods of change and gender inclusion.
At the same time, it is an enriching and fun experience for the individual, with a global impact on their employee experience.

Investing in your employees may be financed.
Fundae supports the training programs of your company financing them. Find out and invest in more satisfied employees.

Up to 100% of financial aid
Enjoy the training benefits.